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Our experienced team can help you with the problems you are experiencing and provide a solution.
We understand things can go wrong all the time, whether you’ve accidentally dropped your device or it just isn’t behaving how it should, but either way it’s so inconvenient! That’s why we decided we wanted to help people like you who are experiencing issues. See what we do below.
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Cracked Screens

Cracked screen or LCD? It's easy to break which is why we are here to offer an easy solution. 
We do not yet offer repairs for iPhone X due to high risk to other components.

Battery Issues

If you battery doesn't charge properly or hold it's charge as it should it might need replacing. We offer repairs over battery repairs for a range of iPhones. Call us today for a quote for your iPhone repair. 

Charging Issues

Damaged ports can be replaced, so if your device is not picking up your charger that could be your solution.

Water Damage

If you have spilt liquid over your device sometimes it isn't good enough just leaving it to dry, water over time can cause parts to rust and then eventually fail. Best to sort it sooner rather than later so nothing is at risk.

WiFi Issues

Everyone is online, so it is frustrating when it doesn't work properly. If you are facing issues, connecting, holding connections or any other issues we can help.

Broken Buttons

If your device has been damaged or the buttons don't feel like they are as they should be we can find out the issue and provide a solution. 

Speaker Issues

Every hardware compnent has potential to break, so if people can't hear you, your speaker may be broken. We can diagnose and repair/replace what is damaged. 

Camera Issues

Scratched or damaged camera, some phones this can be repaired. 

Sound Issues

Sound issues like playing music or if your loud speaker when on a call, not working may be down to a number of reasons, we can find out what the problem is and find a solution.
Still unsure of whether we can help you solve your problems? Give us a call and we can advise you.
Battery replacements

We can replace the battery on a range of iPhones, speak to our technician for a quote on a battery on your device

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“Good prices for iPhone screen and do a professional job”
- Ttv A
“The young man in this shop was so very helpful and experienced. He sorted out the problem on my iPad very quickly, and was very helpful with advice.”
- Brenda Crocker
“Fantastic company. So helpful, great value, Cannot be faulted. Thank you Lee.”
 - Peter Woodley

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  • Broken Screen
  • Battery Replacements
  • Camera and Home Button Replacement
  • Software Issues
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If you are unsure on what your problem is, speak to our technicians and they can advise further. 
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